Addfiles3: Creating HTML Slideshows From Your Photos

A utility to create HTML slide shows from your holiday photos, written in Python.

You create groups, add some photos to each group and then click the "Generate HTML" option. It will generate an index.html page containing the chosen thumbnail for each group, and when you click on the thumbnail you can browse the photos in each group.

There are some additional operations, like scaling your photos to fit on your screen and rotate them.

I know that it works on Windows and Linux, but you need to have Tkinter (the Python Tk bindings) and the Python Imaging Library (ImageTk) installed. On my Linux Mint machine it was as simple as typing the following in the shell:

		$ sudo apt-get install python-tk python-imaging-tk

Update (14/01/2016): The source code is available on Github:

I like Python, I really do, but I don't get opportunities to use it in my day job. This program was one of the projects I wrote to get to know the language better. I'll be the first to admit that it is a bit rough around the edges. For one, Tk is really ugly. On the other hand, it does work in Linux and Windows, so it is not all bad.

I call it Addfiles3 because a long time ago I had a program simply titled Addfiles that would take a list of files and generate a HTML slide show from them. When I needed more features, I created an Addfiles2 in Visual Basic 6 (which I did use a lot in bygone times).

The VB version had significant drawbacks: It was hastily done and had a couple of bugs. Besides, I lost the code so I couldn't fix it. Therefore the rewrite in Python.