Miscsrc: My Collection of Miscellaneous Source Code

My C library of Miscellaneous Source code.

The source code is available on github.

You'll probably already have similar code in your personal library already, because it doesn't contain anything that you won't find in a first year computer science textbook. Regardless I've decided to make these available anyway.

I have decided that I like the unlicense as my open source license of choice for these types of things, so that is the license under which I've released it.

Currently it has these modules, each consisting of a C source and a header: Miscsrc was partly inspired by Bob Stout's SNIPPETS.org archive. The snippets.org domain belongs to someone else today. A version of the snippets archive dated July 1997 is available at http://www.brokersys.com/snippets/. Some of the individual files are available on this site.